Hello! - Welcome to Real Time Coding

What is Real Time Coding?

Real Time Coding lets you share code (or plain text) with others without installing any additional software (just the browser).

How does it work?

Create a new session. Two links will be generated: one for the writer, and one for the readers. Share the reader link and use the writer link to write of course. Don't worry, writer's mode is password protected.

Create a new session

Enter a password for the writer and your email. We will email you the link and the password so that you can forget them :P
Click on "Create new session" and enjoy!


  • Only one writer per session is recommended
  • Unlimited readers
  • Sessions are pruned 1h after writer stops submitting code
  • Your code is not stored when the session is pruned
  • We won't save your email (we just use it once when you create a new session)